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Thread: Parker Days!

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    If anybody is looking for a fun time this weekend, Come out to Parker days. There is carnival rides and lots of other stuff to do. Booths, Food and A beer garden. Live music too. It's great for kids and adults! I go every year. Just thought I would let you all know in case you were looking for something to do! Located at Main st. and Parker road. Have a great weekend and I will see some of you on the night run.

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    Default Re: Parker Days!

    That sounds like a lot more fun than moving LOL

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    Hey Trail. Wanna meet up tomorrow sometime? Jen and I would like to meet ya. What time would be good if you do?

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    itsjustdan23 previously posted:
    "Hey Trail. Wanna meet up tomorrow sometime? Jen and I would like to meet ya. What time would be good if you do?"

    Sorry, just saw this! We will hook up sometime!

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    Its cool dude. I lost total intrest when I herd some dude askin all the younger ladies if they wanted to hook up with his 16 y/o boy, and bein boligerent about it. And seein all these young kids runnin around with there pants hangin down past there arse and tryin to run. Plus, there wasnt anything really interresting about it. Ive been to some pretty redneck fairs and this was the worst of them. What happened to to good ole days where people would just get along with eachother and have a great time. Insted of these "Homies" hangin with there "crew"?

    Where Im from if you had your pants down past your waist you'd get a beat down and told to pull it up or get outta town. The county fairs were fulla great things like tractor pulls, log saw compititions, horse shows, and most importantly cotton candy bein under 3 bux a bag!

    On another note. Yes we will soon meet up, Jen and I are goin to CORE on the 20th. I think I seen that you RSVP'ed for that. If not please correct me. Anywas enough of my rant. Ya'll have a good night!

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