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    Hey Guys, thought I would drop a line and tell you how things are going.

    I have been pretty busy fixin stuff for sure. The last couple of days have been slow but I needed to clean the shop up anyway. I finally closed on the house we were trying to buy back in december, and it is working out pretty well. the kids are having lots of fun with school, new friends and sports. The wifey is helping me at the shop answering phones and what not, along with some photography that has really taken off. The economy has really hit these people hard up here like everywhere. Almost everyone is laid-off.

    I also thought I would mention.........I slammed a deer coming home from coyote hunting a few weeks ago. I hit her around 55mph on the right front corner. I lost a headlight bezel which I replaced. Thats it... The SROR bumper on the front of this thing, saved me big time. It didnt even bend the bumper at all, just knocked a little mud off and sprayed my windshield with blood. the doe wasnt so lucky. I did end up putting a bullet in her head cuz she wasnt quite dead and didnt want her to just lay there dying while the coyotes ate her ass.

    Anyway, Ill do my best to post up more regularly, Ive just been very busy.
    (special hello to Jim and Chris, I miss you guys)


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    Glad to hear from you! Keep us posted as best you can!

    Did the same thing to a deer a few years ago..broke it's neck, no damage to the truck. Only had a big knife...not quite so clean as a gun...and totally grossed out the two fellow climbers that were with me...did it for the same reason, too, as it was still alive..

    At any rate, good to hear from you...and the economy really sucks...

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    congrats on the new house

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    Camo Cruiser previously posted:
    "Anyway, Ill do my best to post up more regularly, Ive just been very busy.
    (special hello to Jim and Chris, I miss you guys)"

    Good to hear from you Syver! I don't know what to do with myself now that I can't wander down to CR and keep you and Jim from doing productive work.

    Glad to hear all's going well with the business, house and family. Sounds like you did the right thing and aren't having any regrets.

    Hey, I ran in to your old co-worker Matt the other day. He was looking for parts on the 40 my 55 buyer has. Yeah, the old Pig is gone. Like you said, the economy sucks.
    Chris in Florida

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