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Thread: Looking for winter friendly trails for wheeling and camping

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    Default Looking for winter friendly trails for wheeling and camping

    Any suggestions? I'm still new to the area so I'm not sure what's doable this time of year. Looking to go out riding then camp for a weekend at the end of Feb or early March.

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    Default Re: Looking for winter friendly trails for wheeling and camping

    Trails open all season - at least what I know up north...

    Rock Creek - ungated / open via snow conditions. Camping exists near the beginning of the trail (but after the common snow blockages)

    Bunce School Road & Ironclads - there is a bit of camping on each - especially near the northern & eastern entrance of Bunce.

    Miller Rock is open but it typically gets a snow blockage early in the trail with no camping between trailhead and snow block.

    Switzerland Trail is open / not gated and has some camping and is the closest to Denver.

    Between Denver and Colo Springs - I think there is a fair bit of camping near Rampart Range Road (and open trails in the area). shows it as partially open.

    I'm not much traveled for Rampart Range Road, but being further south, it might be the trail of ?most success? for an initial trip.

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