Greetings, all!

Ive got a pile of mostly XJ/MJ front suspension and axle parts for sale:

Fully trussed and plated, non disconnect, 3.55 geared Dana 30 housing. This is a very clean housing and the coil buckets to the inner Cs have been treated with rust encapsulating primer. The lower control arm mounts have also been treated to weld on mini skids.
Stock axle shafts and unit bearings to go with the axle housing.
Older Rusty's adjustable track bar and frame mount.
Odds and ends rear XJ leaf springs.

Something else I'm working on is a short arm setup that'll be a set of control arm drop brackets, adjustable lower control arms, and some other lift related parts... probably coil spacers and longer shackles and whatnot. I need to go through my parts stash to see what else I can add to this.

Id like $300 for the axle housing and stock shafts, $60 on the track bar and frame mount, and the leaf spring stuff is free with any purchase. I'll get a price together on the future short arm setup once I've got it all together.