"I love off-roading / over-landing my Rivian R1T. But, I have wondered how far I can go off-road on a charge.

After a dozen off-road trips, including a full day covering nearly 100 miles and about 17,000 feet of elevation gain (39% grade at one point), I have crunched the numbers and share my findings, as well as some of the footage from the journey.

NOTE: The video uses the 135kw battery back size for a relative efficiency index. It has been pointed out that Out-of-spec found 125kw is the usable capacity. This means instead of 2.04 miles per kWh shown in the video, 125kWh would be 2.20 mi/kWh as the reference point. In other words, if you are getting 2.20, that would equate to 275 miles on the 20" AT Tires with a full battery. But, if you got an efficiency of 1.10, that is half the typical miles per kWh (an index of 0.5), then you would get half the total range 137.5 total miles).

All my calculations in this video are based on the miles per percent of battery, so these remain the same. I was showing the translation to kWh so we can use the on-board computer and its efficiency measure in the trip computer to get project a range. In other words, if the computer is showing 0.8 mi/kWh, then divide 0.8 by 2.2 then multiply by 275 total range to get your expected total range (100 miles from a full battery, in this example).

The good news:
If there was a road from sea-level to the highest peak in the North America, South America, Europe or Africa, the Rivian could make it up and back. But, it wouldn't quite make it up Everest (if there was a road).

If you want to track your data too, and include it for the community, send a message and I'll share a link to the Google Sheet.

Enjoy the Adventure!"