I have a high pinion Dana 30 in my 96 Jeep Cherokee. I installed a Powertrax No-slip locker into the stock carrier and gears (3.55) about 1.5 years ago. It has been working just fine, but here's the weird part....the cross pin needed to be hammered out (not just slightly tapped, but it moved incrementally with each hit of the hammer and punch. I even broke a punch trying to turn the shaft to line up for the roll pin for install. It absolutely will not turn.)

Has anyone come across a cross pin that fits as a press fit?

This has never been the case with any cross pin shaft I've come across, and I've been in a ~8-10 differentials. I measured the stock cross pin, and the new one that came with the locker...all the same within just a few 0.0001". I figured it was a slight mistake in the machining of the stock carrier shaft hole. Hammered the new one in and moved on. No issues with operation.

Fast forward to this past weekend....installing 4.56 gears. New open style carrier from Yukon to re-install the No-slip. Same thing...same exact dimensions on the shaft hole. I contacted Powertrax, and confirmed the pin is not oversized. I have attempted to contact Yukon to get that specified shaft hole dimension, but they are hard to get in touch with.

It is now installed and I'm not worried, but it is still very interesting to not be able to just slide or lightly tap in/out a cross pin.