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Thread: Grizzly Lake 17 July - No Iron Chest

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    Default Grizzly Lake 17 July - No Iron Chest

    Morning guys,

    The Grizzly trip was very memorable, we had a bit of struggle to get there.
    It rained for about an hour just after we crossed the gatekeeper.
    Our gear got a little wet, but we eventually got there.

    I took some trail damage in more ways than one.
    Definitely had one too many margaritas up there, so I was useless on Sunday morning.
    I couldn't find it in me to drive Iron Chest. I feel like I let Mike and Anna down and I'm sorry.
    I probably won't organize another trail run again, just participate.

    When I got home last night and inspected some weird sounds I heard driving home, I have a u-joint just barely holding on.
    The c-clip is deformed and it's bent outwards from the u-joint. I would have surely lost my rear drive shaft on Iron Chest.

    Here's the one video of our campsite, it was truly an amazing place and we had it all to ourselves.

    Sorry again Mike, I hope your Iron Chest run was a great one!

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    Default Re: Grizzly Lake 17 July - No Iron Chest

    Ha, I wish I could’ve been there for the margies! Oh and the trail ride.

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