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Thread: Moab 4-1-21

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    Default Moab 4-1-21

    Made a quick short trip to Moab over the weekend.

    Ruger was my copilot most of the way but he wasn't very attentive.

    The rig ran great. Not as fast over the passes as I hoped for but acceptable, 45-55 mph. It warmed up a little but didn't comes close to overheating and the transmission temp was low.

    We camped near Area BFE where an Ultra 4 race was being held. My nephew is a mechanic for one of the race teams.

    First day we ran Baby Lions Back and Fins N Things, my brother in law in his Scout and my son in his Tacoma joined us. The second day my brother in law rode with me on Hell's Revenge.

    Even though it was short it was a great trip. Was able to figure out how to work everything in the RV and what we need for future trips.

    One highlight was meeting a brand new owner of a Gladiator Rubicon at the staging area for Fins N Things, still had temp tags. They recently moved to Colorado, Riifle, from the east coast and bought the Jeep to take advantage of our great outdoors. He was questioning if his rig could make it. I gave him some pointers, general advice, and told him he could join us on the trail. It was him, his wife, and three little kids. I talked to them midway through the trail and they all were having a blast. The wife and kids were telling him to go faster over the rolling hills and he told them he couldn't see over the hood and needed to keep it slow. By the end of the trail the two littlest kids were fast asleep, he said they all had a great time and was planning on trying Hell's Revenge the next day.

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    Default Re: Moab 4-1-21

    That Scout is cool

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