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Thread: Horizontal headlight adjust on JK Wrangler.

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    Default Horizontal headlight adjust on JK Wrangler.

    So on US wranglers there is no horizontal adjustment screw. On European versions there is.

    I installed awhile ago some cheap Chinese LED headlights and the passenger light pointed to the drivers side so bad that they met each other on the road where one would expect only the drivers lamp to be. That left the passenger side and shoulder of the road poorly illuminated.

    In order to fix it I ordered some adjustment mounts from the same Chinese vendor as the lamps. They looked awesome. But I found an easier way to make the adjustment.

    The OEM screw I ordered on ebay. Its the same screw as European wranglers. To use one must remove the factory mount and the bottom inside fixed screw. This lines up with the indent of the headlight area of the front cowl and allows one to adjust the same as the up- down adjustment.

    Hope that makes sense. If anyone wants the black rings, I have a pair, you are welcome to them. I also have four roll bar grap handles if anyone wants them.

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