I had to get out, even just for an hour or two. So yesterday after dinner I ran Ironclads up to the split for the loop. I went left and climbed up the obstacle, which is super dug out and rutted and it took me a couple tries with both lockers on to make it up. I kept going up until the switchback but it was around sunset so I decided to turn around and head back down instead of risk getting stuck by myself in the dark. Going down the obstacle was also much harder than Iíve seen this obstacle before. Itís really nasty up there once you pass the hangout/camp area and get to the first obstacle that has the bypass to the left. Maybe the amount of snow this winter and recent melting has cause it to get very rutted and nasty. I used to run this in my Ram Rebel but I would not right now, itís much more challenging than even a few months ago.

Jim, maybe we should run Bunce and Ironclads this weekend????