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Thread: Phil & Matt run Yankee Hill 4.13.19

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    Default Phil & Matt run Yankee Hill 4.13.19

    Had a great time wheeling' with Phil on Yankee Hill. His Jeep is BAD ASS! Nothing against the Elephant but the Ox is a huge upgrade and a really nice Jeep!

    Anyways, weather could not have been better. Sunny almost the entire time until we were heading down. Aired down at the OHV lot and then hit the trails ahead of a couple Toyotas that looked to be meeting up to run it also (but we never saw them). There was snow covering the trail right from the start, thick slushy snow that made it slow going. We climbed up, up and up and past the Pisgah lake area and it started getting deep snow in some areas that slowed us down a bit. Phil got a little sideways at this one hill climb area with deep snow and broke out his winch. Hooked to my bumper he pulled up but I had to back up to allow him to keep going up and somehow we got the winch cable tangled and looped and ended up spending a little time taking it apart and untangling it and then getting it back together. Luckily the sun was shining down on us and zero wind the entire time so it was actually FUN.

    Then we continued up and the deep tracks in the deep snow became pretty challenging a few times and then I got stuck on a pretty steep section right before the little quartz quarry play area. I tried a few times and the deep snow just wouldn't let me continue and Phil and I were on the radio wondering if we should turn back since it could end up being a winch fest the rest of the way otherwise. I decided I'd back up and get some momentum one last time and when I hit the spot that kept sucking me in I was able to skirt to the left thru snow that looked like it would swallow me up but I stayed on top of it enough to get past the section that kept stopping me and was able to continue up to the quarry area that is also an intersection and flat spot (great turn around area). Phil cruised up and got hung up in a few deep snow sections but kept working it (he has front and rear lockers on that beast) and got almost to the top of the hill and then I got my winch out and pulled him straight after he got a little buried and it appeared we were going to be winching the rest of the way so we decided to turn around from there. Phil backed down to a good spot and turned around and I walked up to my Jeep and turned around at the intersection and headed down.

    On the way down we came upon a new Ram 3500 Long Horn and his buddy in a Chevy Avalanche, both stuck and sliding dangerously close to each other and off the side of the trail. Luckily for them (no winches, open diffs and no experience) we came upon them. I winched the Ram up and out of the way so I could then winch the Avalanche on track so they both could back down. A little ways down the Avalanche got off track and stuck again so the big Ram moved to the side and I winched the Avalanche out again.... after that they were able to back the rest of the way down to an open area near where the small rock playground is. Phil and I played on the rock and took some pics and videos. Then we headed down and finished the route.

    Had a great time and looking forward wheeling' with Phil again next weekend!

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    Default Re: Phil & Matt run Yankee Hill 4.13.19

    Indeed had a real kick in the pants time with Matt
    I did not get very many pictures and have not been able to down load what I did get yet
    They will be posted as soon as I get this new phone figured out better
    Thank you Matt for the detailed report and thanks for going !!!
    Be sure to express my thanks to the Mrs for saying OK

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