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Thread: YJ gauge illumination contact cleaning

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    Default YJ gauge illumination contact cleaning

    The gauge package in the YJ uses a flexible plastic "printed circuit". The exposed contact surfaces oxidize and with enough time can knock out the lighting. All of my bulbs are good but only two of them were lighting.

    I don't wish to use abrasive on the possibly delicate printed circuit so I looked at chemical cleaning. Step in a search engine and this web site popped up:

    perfect cleaning in minutes - sign me up!

    Vinegar & Salt to saturation is the cleaning agent. Cotton swabs for application (and a bit of gruntwork rubbing).

    Water with baking soda is the neutralizing agent.

    Once neutralized, a bit of silicone / dielectric grease to coat the surface to help ward off oxidation.

    The printed circuit was cleaned and then the sockets were cleaned. Ample grease on exposed metal - the "wings" which are the contacts between the bulb assembly and the printed circuit and into the socket.

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