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Thread: Oils quality supplier

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    Default Oils quality supplier

    So in the age of a million hyped up oil products it is difficult to find oils thart are truely worth your dime.

    Most of you know I am a heavy duty diesel mechanic and welder.
    Being in the industry I am I have seen what cheeper oils do to all kinds of different parts.

    In an effort to promot fuel econ the manufacturs are dropping to some super thin oils.
    we have see 0w-30 in some toyotas, the new hemi's are down to a 5w-20 as well as the new chevy stuff.

    As many of us own diesel truck and want to see as much life as posible from these expencive trucks.
    use of top quality oils is these things is what should be happening.

    the company I work for has seen huge inprovement in the life of there engines and hydrolics and transmissions fron use of the products we are getting.

    we are also using there diesl fuel additive, WOW cold startvissues go away.
    We can fire up our deisel equipment with little issue well into the singel didgets and below, this has been with out plugging in as wel.

    Cerified labs.

    there products cannot be found in any parts store, they are made here in the states.
    These guys also do sample testing, highly sudgest this be done.

    Greg Smith
    sales representative
    lubrication/ fuel specialist
    mobile: 303-564-5245

    fell free to contact Greg.
    he will be more than happy to get you oils that can double even tripple you intervals and greatly extend the life of your ride.

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