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Thread: Very late posting of the ZUK.

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    Default Very late posting of the ZUK.

    Been super busy with college starting but I have some down time so I will do this.

    We have had this Zuk since 2010, the plan always being that it would be my college car. Purchased it sans front clip, transmission, and some interior parts; and a bad fuel pump. Unfortunately I don't have that pic but you get the idea. I got drawn in by the '58 and the El Camino so the poor Zuk sat for 4 years.

    Fast forward to end of senior year and I had a week off of school pre graduation. I decided it was time so we dragged it around front. We had an extra 5 spd/transfer from one of the trackers so in that went. Got a new fuel pump and installed it. fired her up for the first time and got a terrible growl in neutral and all gears. Well thats not going to work so back out. Ended up being the input bearing but instead of screwing with it, just went upull and found a '96 with less miles than mine and the trans was out other than the crossmember. $150 and some hours later I was up and running, no noise. I threw on the fenders and hood we had laying around. suddenly it was starting to look like something.

    However it clearly wouldnt do to leave it there. Next came the 30x9.50s and offset wheels. Plasti dip and they were looking fine. Of course the existing height wouldnt agree with those meats so i got the 2in lift asap. Much better. squirted the front clip and now it all matched. To up the performance i built a better air intake to let it breathe in. then to compliment i made an all new high flow exhaust. Wheeled it like that since and it does awesome on and off road. for more functionality i made a receiver hitch from a former fullsize blazer piece. So from start to finish it took about 3 weeks. The three pictures are from two weeks ago.


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    Default Re: Very late posting of the ZUK.

    That will be a great commuter rig that you can hit some trails with and have some fun for cheap! I am sure it won't disappoint.

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