Like the nearby Johnny Park Road, Pierson Park Road is a pretty easy drive for stockers. Its actually a hair easier than Johnny. There are a couple of rocky parts that are a fun and some various mud puddles strewn about for fun. There are some cool flexy parts as well if that is your fancy.

You start this trail from Rt 36 in Estes Park by making a left onto Fish Creek Rd. After about 3 miles you make a left onto Little Valley Rd. Drive up through the residential area and you will see a Forest Rt 119 sign after a right hand switchback. At the end of the trail, make a left to run Johnny Park backwards (from normal). Make a right to head off to Rt 7 and back to civilization.


Right off of Fish Creek Rd on Little Valley Rd, a good place to air down.

Rocky ledge

Some fun flexing

Just enough clearance

Trail Run Reports:
August 8, 2010

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