Devil's Canyon is our second adopt-a-trail in cooperation with the Forest Service. Just like Barbour Fork it's close to Denver and easily accessible. Unlike Barbour Fork t's pretty easy from beginning to end with plenty of nice campsites along the trail. Below is a clipping showing the trail.

Directions: To get to Devil's canyon take I-70 from either direction to the Mt. Evans exit (Hwy 103) which is well-marked. Follow the signs for the Forest Service which puts you on 103 then follow the road about 12 miles or so to the trailhead on the left. It's easy to miss and the trail starts immediately. There is no space to air down or gather so prepare for that and think ahead. The shoulder isn't a safe place to spend much time.

A close trail is

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What you can't see on the map is all the off-shoots that are most often dead-ends. That being said it is a nice trail when you're looking for something close and easy. I don't want to understate its difficulty but since I've seen 2wd cars at various camping spots. If the entry climb doesn't stop you then the rest of the trail shouldn't either. There is a pretty good climb on one hill that's fairly rocky which is probably the most challenging section.