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  1. Re: Yankee Hill, East-to-West, in a Stock AWD, 5/28/22

    On the topic of Youtube vids showing the BS capabilities, here's the owner of HRG Offroad putting his through its paces:
  2. Mount Baldy - Recent Rockslide, Trail Blocked - 6/5/22

    Was driving around Pike's Peak on Old Stage Rd. with the Mrs. yesterday just to get outside. On a whim, I decided to go through Frosty Park Rd. on the way up to Mount Baldy. Trails Offroad Info

  3. Yankee Hill, East-to-West, in a Stock AWD, 5/28/22

    A little late to the post, but wanted to share my Yankee Hill run I did last week. East-to-West in a stock Bronco Sport Badlands. I've dealt with lots of haters of this vehicle (none here so far), so...
  4. Luke with a Bronco Sport from Highlands Ranch

    Hey y'all. I've wanted to dip my feet into wheeling and finally have a vehicle capable of it. The Bronco Sport definitely needs a modest lift (currently looking at HRG), but it's handled everything...
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