I am going!

I expect to be on I-25 / Harmony Road exit at 7:30am. Jeep runs abou 60/65 MPH. Levi might join in and if so we'll meet at 120th (the gas station on the southwest corner of 120th & I-25) at 8:15am. From there the next stop is fuel at the Loaf-n-Jug in Conifer (on the right, before the Safeway) about 9:15 and then to the trailhead about 10:15a.

Red Cone is open and will be processed. If Radical Hill is open a decision as to trails is TBD. One option is to head north to Montezuma and call it a day. Otherwise we'll roll up Radical Hill and either exit to Montezuma via Saints John or maybe go southwest and exit near Brekenridge.

Any last minutes - I'll check in the morning before heading out if I should watch for ya!

My cell phone's on the rescue list...