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Thread: West Magnolia & Jenny Creek

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    Default West Magnolia & Jenny Creek

    Did West Magnolia by myself from the trailhead just south of Nederland and exits on Rollins Pass road west of Rollinsville. Also explored a few loops and spurs, and saw a few motorcycles and a lot of mountain bikers but no other rigs. I forgot about this trail and how beautiful and fun it is. It’s easy but a lot of fun and it feels “out there” even though Inhad cell phone service the whole time!

    After this Sawyer met me and we went and ran Jenny Creek. Definitely a must do Trail although I wish I had done it before they re-routed the first half of the trail thru a clear cutted Ridge. The start is awesome right from the creek crossing! We hung out here for a while because Sawyer wanted to hang his new hammock over the rushing creek and he did just that!

    After our break we crossed Jenny creek and when the trail splits it goes to the clear cut section and it is slow going due to all the tree stumps on the trail. This climbs a ridge and runs it for a while and it feels like it’ll never end. It does end up joining the old route and is a rocky climbing fun trail all the way to where it meets up with the Rollins pass road at a beautiful lake with snowfields all around it feeding their melt off. We drove up the road a bit and went to the actual Jenny lake, which is an even more beautiful mountain lake —- Sawyer skipped some rocks as we enjoyed the scenery.

    We were starving at this point so we skipped going to the tunnel and headed down to get some food in Ned. We saw a ton of other Jeeps and rigs and even more trucks pulling trailers with ATVs and utvs. On Rollins pass road there was a ton of traffic but we saw hardly anyone on Jenny creek, one nice CJ at the creek while Sawyer was hanging his hammock and then a few serious UTV buggies way up near the top of Jenny creek.
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    Default Re: West Magnolia & Jenny Creek

    RockyMtRebel previously posted:
    "headed down to get some food in Ned"

    FWIW - the stage stop bar/grill in Rollinsville is an option for food.

    You made the good choice of trails to visit today!

    PPS had me clearing until I ran out of steam - 930a thru 330p. There are a few items just south of the gate that could be tended but don't _need_ to be tended.

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