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Thread: Schofield Pass/ Paradise pass/ Devils punch bowl 7/2-7/3/18

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    Default Schofield Pass/ Paradise pass/ Devils punch bowl 7/2-7/3/18

    good news, the trail is open minus a big snow drift on the south entrance, it has a pretty good drop on one side of the drift. We winged it anyway and camped by the waterfall. The trail is in fairly good condition, though the punch bowl area has changed some. The obstacle is now a tight turn from a rock slide, not ideal for longer wheelbase vehicles. Lots of brush has grown in on the trail making for some bushwacking if your not one to mind. Lots of Crazzy drivers on paradise pass, driving STUPID speeds on a shelf road. atv's and motorcycles were actually very well mannered out there. I did not take lead king basin this go around for the sake of time, but it was pretty easy a couple years ago, the last time I drove it there was a cool switchback area with super powdery dirt the made me feel like I was driving on the moon or something lol, I kinda missed it.

    Crystal mill is now littered with private property signs and a wire rope fence keeping you from going down to the river. I was throwing a B***h fit about it when a guy hanging out on an ATV started talking to me about himself having installed them because of folks falling over the edge or vandalizing the mill, I assume he was the property owner. you can sign a waiver and pay $10 to hop the rope, or $100 should you be a professional photographer. I get the guys position, but It really puts a dent on how nice that area was, even a lot of my old camping spots now have private property/ no camping signs, everything shut down to appease the almighty dollar........ always someone with too much money ruining these places it seems, like they gotta own the world, its a shame.

    otherwise a great trip!

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    Default Re: Schofield Pass/ Paradise pass/ Devils punch bowl 7/2-7/3/18

    Thanks for the report. this area is on my bucket list of must do trails. maybe someday!

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