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    Aaron previously posted:
    "Hey All,

    We see the banner put up on threads all the time. And the reality is, we are the best. This place feels less to me like a club and more like family. This is a testament to the quality of the membership we strive to maintain. We truly have folks from all walks of life on this forum and that diversity is a great thing. Thank you all for making it this way.

    One of the other things that makes the club great are the FR 4x4 events, whether they be for fun like the Anniversary Run or the ones for the community like the cleanup runs or the food and clothing drives. These types of things really create a sense of community and are really fun when you get down to it. I want to personally thank all of the folks who have led, organized and volunteered for these events in the past.

    That being said, it is important to note that when it comes to leading, organizing and volunteering for these events, you typically see the same names being mentioned time and again. Organizing things like the Anniversary Run is a big job for one or two people. It would not be a big job for 10 or 15 people. Organizing the cleanup runs is not that hard of a job but it shouldn't be done by the same people every year.

    So, I have a new program for FR4x4. It's first job is to recognize those who do organize and volunteer for events. Secondly, I want it to encourage more folks to lead and volunteer for FR events. Next, I want to encourage people to wheel with us. Also, as part of this program, I want to recognize those great folks who are actively serving in the military to keep our country safe!

    So soon, you will start seeing badges under people's names when you see them in posts. It's not much but when you see a badge under someone's post, note that they are working hard and doing things to make our club a better place to be and you should thank them. Here they are and how you can qualify to get one..

    (badges section moved below and updated - Jim 7/2013)

    Again, when you see someone with one of these badges, note that they are doing something to make our club great and give them huge thanks for it! I would love nothing more than to have all members have one or more badges.

    Thank you Keith (MelloYello) for creating these images for us.


    [This content was originally created by Aaron. Chris and Jim have edited it for current standing.]

    . You must RSVP* for a FR4x4 Run, drive your rig on the run, and post in the Trail Run Report. This is the most important and will be used to thin the ranks as web wheeling doesn't count.

    The "Wheeler" badges have a year associated with them ("Wheeler 2013", etc.). As one of the rules of the forum, each member must drive their rig on at least one forum run each year to maintain membership. When you participate in a group trail run and need your "wheeler" badge updated, send a PM, to the administrator. It is highly recommended that you post in the run report (create one if you're the first to post) - contributing some pictures or commentary - and the admin will likely automagically update your wheeler badge.

    * This means for a run to count it must be on the calendar - which is the formal way for advertising the run to other members in the group - a fundamental of the group. While posting a last minute run on the calendar does count they are frowned upon as there really wasn't time for other members to be able to sign up for the run.

    You must volunteer to help on an event or help FR4x4 in some way. This means that you help with the Anniversary Run or you attend a cleanup run or something like that.

    You must have a leadership role in organizing an event. That is you are organizing a clean up run, have a significant role in the Anniversary Run, organizing a fall picnic, organizing a food drive, etc. This is not for simply organizing a regular run (although we do appreciate that).

    You must be an active duty military, reserve or national guardsmen to get this badge. Those with this banner will not have their account placed on inactive status due to not keeping current with the group (1-run per year, 60 day site login).

    You must be a Military Veteran.

    Granted to those who have significantly contributed to the forum or forum community. While most badges may be personally requested, this badge is by appointment only. Any member may nominate another member for review but the administrator decides the appointment.

    If you should have an update to one of these, please send me a PM.

    These are the members that have the "Contributor" badge:
    + Hypoid (Mike) who has provided more than enough solutions and answers to deserve it.
    + MelloYello (Keith) who designs and provides the badges along with other reasons.
    + Brody (Pete) who has contributed a wealth of threads for all forum members to benefit.
    + Rob (Rob) for being the Trail Run Moderator along with other reasons.
    + Aaron (Aaron) Admin duties of the site
    + Jackie (Jackie) for tending the list of food and supplies for the Anniversary Run

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