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  1. Re: Coronavirus-driven ban on mass gatherings voted down in Moab

    Iím bummed that I wonít get a few more days of skiing in this year. But itís just a minor inconvenience compared to just one more person becoming seriously ill or worse from this virus.

    I really...
  2. Re: Coronavirus-driven ban on mass gatherings voted down in Moab

    The huge problem is the exponential increase in the number of people infected. Currently for the US as a whole those numbers are doubling every 2.5 days, faster in some places. Without prompt efforts...
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    Bighorns with Dash Cam

    On the way to ski last week. They were licking the road (you can see the wet spots), presumably because the leftover deicer tastes salty.
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    Re: Got a Cheap Dash Cam for Accidents

    Yes, just a single cable for power and video for the rear camera. Plus, a power cord with 12V plug for the main unit. Two cables total.

    Itís easy to route the cable along the door seams by...
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    Re: Got a Cheap Dash Cam for Accidents


    I installed the Crosstour CR600 in my wife's car. It's the same unit as the Apeman C500, but in a slightly different case. One thing I liked is that the adhesive pad was a dark grey which...
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    Re: Got a Cheap Dash Cam for Accidents

    Unfortunately it's in a menu, not a one button press, which would be far better. (A button costs more ... and I got what I paid for! :))
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    Re: Got a Cheap Dash Cam for Accidents

    You can set it up that way, but it would wear out the SD card in months because the entire memory would be written every couple of hours.

    In ďparking modeĒ, the unit is on standby until either...
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    Re: How They're Made: Car Tyres / Retreads

    I wonder how the reliability of the two different methods compares.

    Iím sure retreads are cost effective for large truck tires but Iím not sure about car tires.
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    Got a Cheap Dash Cam for Accidents

    With the traffic density and crazy drivers around now, I decided to get a small, cheap dash cam for accident evidence purposes (not good for documenting trail adventures). Itís an ďApemanĒ C500. and...
  10. Re: Bad Transfer Case Motor and Control Module - Expensive!

    Interesting, I didn't know the AWD could be swapped out for manual.

    But no, I really like AWD (+traction+stability control) because it adapts to rapidly changing winter road conditions which is a...
  11. Bad Transfer Case Motor and Control Module - Expensive!

    At 94K miles, my WK2 GC with Quadra Drive II and ELSD started binding up when turning left or right, forward or reverse. My local shop deduced it was a transfer case problem but couldnít read the...
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    Re: Oldest old fart here.

    Some Jeeps have V8s :)

    63 here.
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    Re: Emergency diy snow chains

    I always wondered how those worked.
  14. Thread: Jeep 1 - Deer 0

    by Bob

    Re: Jeep 1 - Deer 0

    The legs of moose are so tall that the body can be at windshield height. A very, very bad day if you hit one.
  15. Re: Should I buy this 1990 Land cruiser from original owner?

    I sort of inherited one of these and kept it for a couple of years. They are tough and capable.

    The main issue I found was that the engine was underpowered for the weight and really struggled...
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    Re: Adopt a Road Sept Clean-Up

    Unfortunately Iím still fighting a bad cold so I probably wonít be able to join.
  17. FS: Reese Titan 24" Hitch Extension 2-1/2" Class V to 2"

    This extension was used when we had an overhanging truck camper and towed our boat behind it on vacations. It fits a 2-1/2" Class V receiver on the truck end, and has a standard 2" square receiver on...
  18. Thread: Weston Pass

    by Bob

    Re: Weston Pass

    Weston pass is a pretty easy drive. My wife and I went over it a couple of years ago before the fire. She liked it and she doesnít like wheeling. Was there much evidence of the fire?
  19. Re: 2019-07-14 (Sunday) - Storm Mountain exploring

    The weather was fine with dry trails and a few mud puddles. Jim did an excellent job leading. Good to meet Mike, Chris and son. Here are the few pics I took.

  20. Re: 2019-07-14 (Sunday) - Storm Mountain exploring

    The GC has done moderate trails like Argentine and Kingston so it sounds like it may be ok.
  21. Re: 2019-07-14 (Sunday) - Storm Mountain exploring

    Thinking of coming along, looks like this is a fairly easy trail in general, any difficult spots without a bypass that would disqualify my GC?
  22. Thread: River crossing?

    by Bob

    Re: River crossing?

    What a foolish thing to do. Apparently that guyís comfort level was water to the windows! I assume he made it to shore eventually, he could have drowned if the Jeep started rolling with him inside.
  23. Re: So.. Does anyone have a good way to have project cars in CO?

    That's what I thought, but last week I contacted the county to ask. Turns out there isn't any exception for vehicles used only on private property. If at some point in the future the trailer is...
  24. Re: So.. Does anyone have a good way to have project cars in CO?

    Wow, what about a trailer used only on private property? Does that still need to be registered every year? I have a little utility trailer that I let lapse last year because we never use it on the...
  25. Re: Judge rules CA ban on "large" capacity magazines unconstituti

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